Create an account on Housemates

Wondering how to create an account on Housemates? We've got answers.

Housemates makes it easy to find and book your accommodation, but in order to leave an enquiry or proceed with a booking, you'll need a Housemates account.

Fortunately, we've made this an effortless experience so that you can get back to learning more about or booking your favourite room.

To get started, click My account in the top right-hand corner (desktop), or click the = icon and then click My account (mobile).

Enter your email address and a secure password, then click log in.

Alternatively, click Continue with Google to log in with your Google account. We will receive the email address linked to this account.

That's it! Now you can send enquiries and book rooms directly from your account. Simple, huh?


Change account details

If you need to change your details, just go to My details and edit as required. Also very simple, huh?