We understand there is a lot of concern around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially as new variants of the virus emerge.

COVID-19 travel restrictions

We offer student rooms in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, which both have a frequently updated list of travel restrictions.

To learn more about travelling to the UK during COVID-19, including separate rules which apply to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, please visit the UK Government COVID-19 information centre.

To learn more about travelling to Ireland during COVID-19, please visit the Irish Government COVID-19 information centre.

COVID-19 protection

Many of the student accommodation providers which have rooms on Housemates offer their own COVID-19 policies which allow you to change or cancel your booking in the event that you cannot travel to the UK or Ireland due to your home country being put on travel restrictions list.

To learn more about the policy for a specific property or get help finding a room that has a flexible cancellation policy, please submit an enquiry or start a live chat with us. Our friendly bookings team will be more than happy to help you.

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