At Housemates, we understand that sometimes visiting the accommodation brings security and peace of mind for both students and their parents.

We now provide a reserve, view and decide service.

The service allows students to secure their perfect place and view it conveniently.

How it works?

1 . Reserve

You reserve online, and we hold and reserve the room, especially for you to view.

2. View

Within 72 hours, we help secure a date/time for viewing by working directly with accommodation providers.

3. Decide

Once viewed, you decide if you would like to continue the booking. If you change your mind, you will receive a full refund of the reservation fee, no questions asked.


What is the deposit and am I entitled to a refund?

The deposit reserves the room for you to initially view.

Suppose you decide to continue with the accommodation provider after viewing the accommodation. In that case, the deposit is then transferred to the accommodation provider who books the room.

As long as you leave the room in good condition, the provider refunds this at the end of your stay (tenancy length).

Alternatively, after viewing if you decide you don't like the property, Housemates refunds your deposit in full within the working week.


How do I book a viewing with a group of friends?

We don't expect all students to reserve online when viewing as a group. One lead student can make the reservation for the shared accommodation space and input their friend's names within the additional information box found within checkout. This process helps us ensure all students attend the viewing.


If you have any questions about the process, feel free to speak with our customer support team on live chat.

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