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How to find bills and charges

Water, energy and Internet bills are included as standard, but some other bills or one-off charges may apply.

Most rooms on Housemates come with water, energy (electricity and gas, if applicable) and Internet bills included in the rent price as standard. Some rooms also offer complimentary extras such as content's insurance. Where there are additional taxes or charges on a room, this will be made clear.

If a room does not include bills this will be stated in the description.

Television Licences

Many of our properties include televisions, either in a common area for all residents to access, or directly within rooms.

In the UK and Ireland, a television licence is required to watch live local channels, such as BBC One or RTÉ One. This is often included within the rent price, but where it is not this will be made clear.

A television licence is NOT required to watch online subscription services such as Netflix, YouTube or Disney +.

Booking fees (Ireland only)

We will never charge you a booking fee to book with Housemates, however, some of our accommodation partners in Ireland may charge a booking fee when you checkout on Housemates. This will be made clear in the room description.

In the UK, it is against the law to charge somebody a non-refundable fee for renting a room or property.