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Tenancy agreement contracts

After booking your room, you'll need to sign a tenancy agreement or lease document. Find out more about that here.

A tenancy agreement (sometimes referred to as a contract or lease) is a document between you and your accommodation provider that sets out the rights and obligations for both you and the accommodation provider. For example, your right to occupy the accommodation without disturbance from the accommodation provider and the accommodation providers right to receive rent payments from you.

When is a tenancy agreement required?

You will always be required to sign a document like this and in most cases, it will be provided to you by the accommodation provider within a few days of booking, but it can sometimes be later.

As soon as you receive the tenancy agreement, you should review it thoroughly as soon as possible and ensure that you're happy with everything. If you believe there is a mistake or correction that needs to be made, please get in contact with us or the accommodation provider directly so this can be resolved promptly.

TIP: It may be worth reviewing this with a parent, guardian or your university accommodation team, who will be familiar with legal documents like this.

Once you're happy with the tenancy agreement contract, sign it and return it as soon as possible. Ideally, you should aim to return your tenancy agreement within a few days of receiving it unless there are issues that need resolving.

If you do not respond or return this document quickly, you may risk losing your room and the reservation payment. If you need more time, let your accommodation provider know.

Whilst it's important to return the document as soon as you can, make sure not to rush this process as that can lead to mistakes and issues in the future. You should only sign a tenancy agreement when any additional requests have been resolved.

Once a tenancy agreement is returned, you will receive a copy signed by both parties. Make sure to keep a copy of this stored somewhere safe in case you need it again.

At this point, you will have entered a legal agreement directly with the accommodation provider and you will need to speak to them directly if you wish to make a change or cancellation.

Not received a tenancy agreement?

If you do not receive a tenancy agreement within a few days, please get in touch with us so that we can investigate the issue further for you.

Where the accommodation provider has not provided a tenancy agreement before the tenancy is due to commence, you will be able to cancel and request a full refund.

Where you do not sign and return a tenancy agreement before the tenancy is due to commence, an operator is able to cancel the booking.