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Understanding options with Excluded Bills on Housemates

Most of our accommodation options have bills included, covering water, electricity, and broadband within the advertised price. However, you might come across certain accommodation providers who choose to exclude bills in the advertised price.

Identifying Properties with Excluded Bills:

If bills are included in the advertised price, you will see this information clearly stated in the "included in price" section on the listing page.

However, for properties that exclude bills, the listing page will clearly indicate this as well.

This way, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and budget.

Why Excluded Bills?

  1. Provider Preference: Accommodation providers may have different pricing structures, and some prefer to advertise properties without bills included. This is more common with house shares or group-exclusive properties, as these configurations can vary based on group sizes and individual usage.

  2. Flexibility: Excluding bills offers flexibility for both providers and tenants. It allows tenants to have more control over their utility expenses, adjusting usage as needed.

  3. Transparent Pricing: Excluding bills ensures transparency in the pricing structure. Tenants can see exactly what they are paying for rent and separately for utilities.

Always double-check!

When you find an accommodation that suits your needs, make sure to review the listing page thoroughly to understand whether bills are included or excluded. This will help you plan your budget accordingly.

In summary, while the large majority of our listings come with bills included, some providers choose to exclude bills from the advertised price, often seen in house shares or group-exclusive properties. Transparency and clear information on the listing page will ensure you make the right choice when booking your ideal property on Housemates.