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Rent payments

Rent payments can be made in a variety of ways, depending on the room you choose. Learn more here.

We know that paying rent can be scary when you're new to renting a room, but don't worry. We've made it plain and clear how your rent can be paid so that you can have full confidence about when payments are due.

When booking on Housemates you will only need to pay a small reservation payment as your rent payment(s) will be taken by the accommodation provider directly at a later point.

After you have made a booking on Housemates, your accommodation provider will reach out to you to arrange rental payments. Usually, you will not have to make any rent payments until just before you're due to move in.

At the point of booking, you will need to indicate if you would like to pay in multiple instalments or in one single payment, but this can be changed after you book in most cases.

Paying rent in multiple instalments

In most cases, accommodation providers will let you pay your rent in instalments. Many students pay in three or four instalments throughout the year, but you may be able to pay rent monthly if that's preferred.

Below is an example of how your payment may look for a full academic year booking running from September to June.

Instalment name

Month due

Semester 1

August/September (before moving in)

Semester 2


Semester 3


In order to pay in instalments, you will need an eligible guarantor. Not sure what this is? Find out more about guarantors in our help centre.

Where you are not able to pay in multiple instalments, such as on some shorter stays of less than 8 weeks, we will make this clear to you before booking.

Paying rent in one instalment upfront

If you prefer to pay your rent upfront, you can do this at any point after making your booking on Housemates, although you will usually not have to make the payment until closer to your move-in date.

When booking on Housemates, you will only need to pay a reservation payment to secure your place on Housemates, but you can select the option to pay your rent in one payment during the booking process.

Once you complete your booking, we’ll pass your information on to the accommodation provider and they’ll follow up with you to arrange the upfront rent payment.